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2 Фев 2013
I Love the Rain

Короткое описание книги

Molly hates rainy days.

The gray sky, the soggy wait for the school bus, they seem to make everyone grumpy.

Everyone except her friend Sophie, who shows Molly the magic she has been missing.

The simple, poetic language in this lovely book takes readers on a journey from the girls' first tentative steps into the drizzle to a rain-drenched romp in a puddle.

The lyrical text is perfectly matched by the joyful watercolor paintings, which capture not only the color and beauty of a rainy day, but the warm interactions of the girls' blossoming friendship.

An exuberant homage to finding pleasure where it's unexpected, the power of imagination, and the joys of friendship, I Love the Rain will have readers singing, &quote;Sun, sun, go away!&quote;

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