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2 Фев 2013
Ian Rutledge Starter

Автор: Charles Todd

Короткое описание книги

Get four mystery novels fromNew York Timesbestselling author Charles Todds InspectorIan Rutledge Mysteries series in one e-book, including:A Test of Wills,A Long Shadow,A False Mirror,andA Pale Horse.

Set in England in 1919, each story features war-damaged Scotland Yard inspector Ian Rutledge inmysteriesbrilliantly evoking post-World WarIGreat Britainand introduces readers to one of crime fictions most compellingprotagonists.

A Test of WillsIt is 1919, and the War to End All Wars has been won.

But for Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge, recently returned from the battlefields of France, there is no peace.

Suffering from shell shock, Rutledge plunges into his work to save his sanity.

But his first assignment is a case certain to spell both personal and professional disaster.

A Long ShadowA story that immerses readers in the sights and sounds of post-war Great Britain, as the damaged policeman pursues answers to a constables slaying and the three-year-old mystery of a young girls disappearance in a tiny Northamptonshire village.

A False MirrorA love triangle turned deadly sends Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge to a small town simmering with secrets.

A Pale HorseA body found in the ruins of an ancient abbey sends Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge off to find a killer, in another superb atmospheric mystery by Charles Todd.

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