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2 Фев 2013
Ice Shear

Автор: M. P. Cooley

Короткое описание книги

A small town cops murder investigation turns deadly when she uncovers a web of politics and drugs linked to an outlaw motorcycle gang in this gripping debut suspense novel for fans of Winters Bone, Frozen River, Breaking Bad, and Sons of Anarchy.

As a cop on the night shift in Hopewell Falls, New York, June Lyons drives drunks home and picks up the donuts.

A former FBI agent, she ditched the Bureau when her husband died, and now she and her young daughter are back in upstate New York, living with her father, the towns retired chief of police.

When June discovers a young womans body impaled on an ice shear in the frozen Mohawk River, news of the murder spreads fast; the dead girl was the daughter of a powerful local Congresswoman, and her troubled youth kept the gossips busy.

Though June was born and raised in Hopewell Falls, the local police see her as an interloperresentment that explodes in anger when the FBI arrive and deputize her to work on the murder investigation.

But June may not find allies among the Feds.

The agent heading the case is someone from her pastsomeone she isnt sure she can trust.

As June digs deeper, an already fraught case turns red-hot when it leads to a notorious biker gang and a meth lab hidden in plain sightand an unmistakable sign that the river murder wont be the last.

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