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2 Фев 2013
Illicit Hunger

Короткое описание книги

Vampires don't feed from werewolves .



but when the prima lux of the vampire world feeds on werewolf Jericho Taylor to save her life, she sets into motion events that could destroy both their worlds.

Illicit Hunger by Dee Carney is an exciting tale of mystery, passion, and forbidden love.

Up until now, almost every part of her life has been dictated to her.

When Lia Hampton, vampire prima lux, goes clubbing with her best friend, it's the last bit of rebellion against her arranged marriage she can muster.

An attempt on her life was not part of that plan.

Jericho Taylor is placed in the enviable role of protecting the vampire community's first daughter.

In a world where the werewolf is considered tainted, interaction with them almost forbidden, Lia must do the unthinkable-feed from Jericho-to save her own life.

What happens when she bites him sparks a whirlwind of events which threaten to rip their lives, community, and a growing love, apart.

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