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2 Фев 2013
Implementing and Managing eGovernment

Автор: Richard Heeks

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`Two years ago, I taught an introductory level course on eGovernment.

If only I had had this book to draw upon at the time.




I strongly recommend this text to students of eGovernment, whether in universities or the public sector.

Each can read the book at a different level and can reap significant gain from the variety of material available.

The chapters are well organized, as is the comprehensive index, while academic readers will appreciate the extensive bibliography' - Information Technology for DevelopmentImplementing and Managing eGovernment fills an important gap.

It provides comprehensive coverage of the e-government issues faced by managers, consultants and other practitioners.

Richard Heeks draws on international examples to guide readers through crucial e-government management issues such as the management of strategy and projects; data security; quality; people, money and policies, and dealing with political and ethical challenges.

The second part of the book focuses on the implementation of e-government systems.

It explores activities such as: feasibility studies, system analysis, system design, construction and marketing.

Instructive diagrams, synoptic models and case studies underpin the book's content while class and practitioner assessments will help readers monitor their understanding.

Additional material is also available on a companion Website.

This book will be welcomed by students pursuing an MPA, undergraduates studying public policy and administration, and practitioners on government in-service training.

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