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2 Фев 2013
In a MeSs

Автор: James Roberts (Bob) Worthington

Короткое описание книги

James Roberts Worthington was born in 1933 and lived his growing up years in the north of England, doing what normal northern lads do.

He took a job down South, met his wife and returned back to the North there after.

Who is he then?Bob, as he was known, was just a normal gent who had a normal life up until he was struck down with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease of the nervous system.

This book is a true life reflection of how Bob lived his life to the full and, in his own words, tells the stories of what happened in his life (all the comedy moments, warts and all) whilst coping with the onslaught of this dreadful, debilitating disease.

Bob was always a 'Jack the Lad', having a laugh and a joke with his friends and, when he got the news, the MS didn't stop him and he went on to build two businesses with a &quote;You thought you got me&quote; attitude.

He carried on no matter what.

Whilst sitting in his old armchair, staring out of the window, with time on his hands and his feet freezing cold (Bob's feet were always freezing), he decided to share his story with the world by writing this book.

Whilst writing the book, he didn't want to sit around an old piano and regale stories with others in the same situation; he wanted to inspire people to carry on regardless and fight this damn thing head on.

With this in mind, he decided to go on holiday on a Jumbulance down the Rhine (one off the bucket list) and take an Open University degree (there's another), all within the last twelve months of his life.

In short, this book was written to make you smile, to make you cry sometimes in laughter but, more than that, to share his journey and show that life does not come to an end with MS.

We all have the same destination, it's just how we live it that makes the difference - with or without inconveniences such as 'MS'.

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