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2 Фев 2013
In-Depth Acting

Автор: Dee Cannon, Pierce Brosnan

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A book that will stand the test of time for any actor in the making, a book of knowledge and hard-earned commitment to the art of acting&quote;- Pierce BrosnanAn essential guide to mastering the Stanislavski technique, filtering out the complexities of the system and offering a dynamic, hands-on approach.

In-Depth Acting provides a comprehensive understanding of character, preparation, text, subtext and objectives.

* How to prepare for drama school and professional auditions* How to develop a 3-dimensional, truthful character* Preparation exercises to help you get in character* Rehearsal guidelines* An appendix of Transitive/Active Verbs and more'A wonderful, succinct book that no student or professional actor should be without.

' - Jenny Lipman, Acting Tutor at LAMDA'Dee Cannon's classes at RADA were legendary.

This is an inspiring and intensely practical guide for anyone, at any stage of their acting life.

' - Eve Best'As a former student of Dee's, I can assure you that this is the definitive version of the method I use to approach every role: iPods, animals and OBJECTIVES! How wonderful to finally have it all in book form!' - Gemma Arterton'Working with Dee and with this book I feel my process and preparation has been energized, activated and inspired' - Ramin Karimloo

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