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2 Фев 2013
Intellectual Agent, Mediator and Interlocutor

Автор: Emmanuel M. Mbah Toyin Falola

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Encompassing the time period from the colonial era to the present day, this book critically examines the changing nature of African politics and the factors that underpin such changes.

We argue in the volume that many of the problems that plague contemporary politics (ethnicity, governance, conflict, bad economic policies, the absence of dialogue and other social issues) have their roots in the fifteen years after the Second World War, just prior to independence (1945-1960).

Because these issues had been grossly mismanaged by the colonial enterprise, those fifteen years could arguably be characterized as the incubation period for the dysfunction that has stymied African politics since independence.

For it was during these transitional years that African leaders learned how not to speak to each other.

How to introduce meaningful dialogue to address issues between and among Africans is where the transition in African politics stands today.

The approach used here is interdisciplinary, giving the book a wider appeal to those interested in history, political science, peace and conflict studies, international relations and many disciplines.

Additionally, the topics covered are so important and intellectual, and have been penned by an A-team of African scholars that other scholars, students, and professionals can use the volume as a reference text.

Therefore, college students (both undergraduate and graduate), college instructors, researchers, policy-makers and the development community working to stabilize Africa will find the book to be of immense importance.

Furthermore, this volume will serve as a guide for advocates for the development community on how to address the numerous problems affecting the continent, as well as the correct approach to boosting public awareness about contemporary African issues.

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