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2 Фев 2013
Interactional Leadership and How to Coach It

Автор: Michael Harvey

Короткое описание книги

All leaders make choices, but not all leaders are choice-focused.

In Interactional Leadership and How to Coach It: The art of the choice-focused leader Michael Harvey presents an important new theory of leadership which demonstrates how to coach successful choice-making.

This clear, wide-ranging book integrates business and psychology, exploring the art of choice-focused leadership through neuroscience, cognitive psychology, existential philosophy and leadership studies.

Interactional leadership helps leaders to make informed decisions throughout the &quote;achievement cycle&quote; of strategy, resourcing and delivery, and emphasises the importance of psychological balance.

The book features chapter-long case studies which provide unique insights into the leader's inner world and clearly illustrate how the tightrope of leadership can be mastered.

Harvey draws important lessons about decision-making from corporate leaders, politicians and even Shakespeare's tragic heroes, and addresses the leader's ethical responsibility for major issues facing us now and in the future.

The interactional model also focuses on coaching the multiple roles of leadership, such as global leader, team leader, innovator, entrepreneur and chair of the board.

Accessible and practical, Interactional Leadership and How to Coach It is an ideal guide for coaches, leaders, students, trainers of coaches and anyone involved in leadership development and recruitment.

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