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2 Фев 2013
Invention of Scotland (Routledge Revivals)

Автор: Murray G. H. Pittock

Короткое описание книги

A dynasty of high ability and great charm, the Stuarts exerted a compelling fascination over their supporters and enemies alike.

First published in 1991, this title assesses the influence of the Stuart mystique on the modern political and cultural identity of Scotland.

Murray Pittock traces the Stuart myth from the days of Charles I to the modern Scottish National Party, and discusses both pro- and anti-Union propaganda.

He provides a unique insight into the 'radicalism' of Scottish Jacobitism, contrasting this 'Jacobitisim of the Left' with the sentimental image constructed by the Victorians.

Dealing with a subject of great relevance to modern British society, this reissue provides an extensive analysis of Scottish nationhood, the Stuart cult and Jacobite ideology.

It will be of great interest to students of literature, history, and Scottish culture and politics.

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