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2 Фев 2013
Is the Real You Really You?

Автор: John Tobias

Короткое описание книги

Comedy / 2m, 2f /InteriorHarold arrives home one night, discusses the kids, what's for supper, etc.

with his wife, Honey- until he realizes he is the wrong husband, she is the wrong wife and he is in the wrong apartment.

So begins this hilarious comedy about love, the life force and the real you in this age of shifting sexual roles and future shock.

Honey becomes entangled with Harold, with her tranquilized real husband, Henry- who instead of acting like a betrayed spouse tries to sell everyone life insurance- and with Harold's real wife, Gloria, who wins him back by reversing roles and emerging as the seductive other woman.

The climax is a comic on stage fight in which everyone relieves their pent up frustrations.

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