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2 Фев 2013
IT Strategy Management Process

Автор: Eugen Oetringer

Короткое описание книги

The way medium and large companies operate has changed considerably in recent years.

Industry topics such as agility, governance, risk management, knowledge management, business intelligence, quality management and others top corporate agendas.

Each of these topics affect strategy and, in turn, guides and directs implementation instructions such as standards and best practices.

However, what about managing the implementation instructions to the strategies? What about compliance and the health of the strategies?This book addresses these vital issues in a simple structured form.

The process consists of a central repository through which strategies, implementation instructions and best practices are stored and managed.

Document owners are driven to keep their papers current.

Target audiences are driven for compliance with the strategies and for the use of best practices.

Corrective actions are triggered as issues emerge.

At any time, executives can see the health of their strategies through a dashboard.

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