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2 Фев 2013
Jazz Age Chronicles: Volume Two

Автор: Ted Slampyak

Короткое описание книги

DOUBLE MYSTERY &quote;The Flowers of San Pedro&quote;: Jennings and Mifflin travel to New Mexico to investigate the disappearance of Jennings' old colleague, Professor Russell.

Mifflin finds himself out of his element as he travels into the midst of cutthroats, Indian shamans, dusty plains, and occult evil.

Now he has to deal with a town of very angry villagers and a secret tunnel covered with the mysterious flowers of San Pedro.

But when the bullets start to fly, how do the four of them stand a chance? And what connection could the flowers that Professor Russell was studying, the famed flowers of San Pedro, tie into the his disappearance? Mifflin finds that the crime ridden streets of his Boston neighborhood were nothing compared to what he experiences out West.

Also included is the story of the &quote;Stranger in Bryn Mawr&quote;: While Jennings and Ace Mifflin settle their differences in a heated baseball game, young genius, Nora Carlisle, uncovers a mystery of her own at college she is attending.

Collects issues 6-9.

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