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2 Фев 2013
Jesus in the Mirror

Автор: Jason Chatraw, Tri Robinson

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As followers of Christ, our mission is clear: to make Jesus known.

Two leaders from different generations, Tri Robinson and Jason Chatraw, have found that many unbelievers want to talk about God, too.

While friendship evangelism, stadium events, and tract distribution reach some, others have trouble getting past their perception of Christians as judgmental, exclusive, and not caring for the poor.

Rather than being dismissive since most Christians don't see themselves that way, or defensive because most Christians aren't that way, the authors suggest we move forward in humility and compassion.

Reflecting the Christ in us to the world around us will disarm people and open doors for meaningful conversation.

It will lead not only to evangelism but also to healing.

This book isn't about what's wrong with the church; rather, it's about what's right with God and how we can get that message to a broken world.

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