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2 Фев 2013
Jewels in the Louvre

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Jewels in the Louvre is an exquisite journey through the Louvre s hidden gems.

Throughout the ages, jewelry has been a source of fascination to art enthusiasts, as it highlights the splendor of great historical figures, such as Josephine Bonaparte, and offers the viewer insight into their extravagant lifestyles and romantic intrigues.

The Louvres collection, which includes Pourbus portrait of Catherine de Medici, Velaquezs port rait of the Infanta Maria Theresa, and the renowned Regent diamond, points to the symbolic importance of jewelry in the attire of powerful rulers throughout history.

Jewels in the Louvre takes the reader on a unique tour around the wo rlds most renowned mu s e u m to discover its hidden gems in painting and sculpture, as well as the veritable masterpieces of jewelry.

Art lovers will see familiar wo rks in a novel context, while jewelry aficionados and historians alike will be delighted with the collection.

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