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2 Фев 2013
Jews in America

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From the author of Jews, God, and History: An overview of Judaism in the United States from colonial times to twentieth-century Zionism.

Beginning with the Sephardim who first reached the shores of America in the 1600s, this fascinating book by historian Max Dimont traces the journey of the Jews in the United States.

It follows the various waves of immigration that brought people and families from Germany, Russia, and beyond; recounts the cultural achievements of those who escaped oppression in their native lands; and discusses the movement away from Orthodoxy and the attitudes of American Jewsboth religious and seculartoward Israel.

From the author of Jews, God, and History, which has sold more than one million copies and was called ';unquestionably the best popular history of the Jews written in the English language' by the LosAngeles Times, this is a compelling account by an author who was himself an immigrant, raised in Helsinki, Finland, before arriving at Ellis Island in 1929 and going on to serve in army intelligence in World War II.

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