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2 Фев 2013
John Singer Sargent And Madame X

Автор: Rosary O'Neill

Короткое описание книги

John Singer Sargent And Madame X was heralded by invitation at the Actors Studio, NYC.

John Singer Sargent, an up-and-coming American artist, is eager to collaborate on a portrait that would catapult him and Madame X, the most beautiful woman in Paris, to the pinnacle of society.

But he falls in love with her and she tries to destroy him.

Which pathway will he go down? Will he try to create the perfect painting or placate his lover? With its revelations about Madame X's identity and an eyebrow-raising cast of characters, including Oscar Wilde, Henry James, Sarah Bernhardt, and Dr.

Samuel Pozzi (Madame X's notorious gynecologist/lover), this play exposes the tale of beauty, infatuation, obsession, and betrayal that lies behind Sargent's masterpiece painting, Madame X.

It is based on a true-life story and set in the glamorous Belle Apoque period.

of Paris and England.

Voluptuous characters and riveting changes of place can be created on a bare stage by shifts in lighting and/or costume pieces.

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