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2 Фев 2013
Jumpstart! Geography

Автор: Mark Jones

Короткое описание книги

This collection of simple to use and fun activities will jumpstart pupils' understanding of the geographical skills of enquiry, outdoor learning, graphicacy and communication.

Pupils will develop their knowledge and understanding of people, places and issues through being encouraged to 'think geographically' about the world they live in.

Areas covered include:places in my world (personal geography) Continents and oceans of the world Human geography (including population, migration, towns and cities, and recreation) Physical geography( including rivers, forests, coasts and deserts Environment, Sustainable schools and global citizenship a All sections include information on some useful knowledge and reference to important key concepts or big ideas in geography that are being developed through the fun activities.

Jumpstart! Geography is an indispensable classroom resource that will celebrate geography and give children the opportunity to experience the thrill of finding out about their world.

It will be a lifeline to any classroom teacher looking to teach geography in a fun and exciting way.

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