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2 Фев 2013
Just Deserts

Автор: Glynis Dunnitt

Короткое описание книги

Army Bandsman deserts, and finds refuge on a farm.

The farm girls take his uniform and dress him in the farmer's old clothes.

But then when there is a fancy dress party they dress him in the clothes of a runaway servant girl, whom the farmer had lusted after, for a laugh.

The farmer takes a shine to her and then she is trapped into a corselette under servant girl's dress and petticoat forever.

The effect of hormone laced chickenfeed plumps him up into a curvy she; to be married to the farmer - but she wears his uniform, he wears the peasant dress, filling out the bust a treat! In Not Like That childhood dressing up games enjoyed with a neighbour lead on to swapping lives and gender roles with the boy next door.

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