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2 Фев 2013
Just World

Короткое описание книги

A Just World: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Social Justice is a multi-disciplinary analysis of social justice intended to foster scholarly discussion on a just world.

The contributors to this volume maintain that justice in society is a most pressing concern in the world today, and discussion about it must be, beyond theory, practical and multi-disciplinary.

While dialogue concerning social justice occurs in many academic disciplines, it can be neither solely an issue of, nor fully understood by, one discipline.

Its complex involvement in all human social life necessitates a multi-disciplinary approach.

To this end, this volume offers an inter-disciplinary insight into what social justice means today, and how it can be achieved to create a more just world.

Eight scholars representing different disciplines shed light on various aspects of social justice today from their unique perspectives - the humanities, the social sciences, the business world, and the field of education.

Without losing their unique approaches to social justice, they are inclusive in this collection.

These contributors directly address problems facing our societies today from a broad spectrum of capitalist neo-liberal world order, and with specific cases, including the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement.

In addressing the problems, the chapters in this volume also reveal deep-seated causes of the problems, and thereby identify the nature and characteristics of social justice in a contemporary context, providing considerable insight into long-term, sustainable solutions toward more just societies and a just world.

A Just World: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Social Justice is unique in that it provides the most recent discussion on the timely topic of social justice.

Given the matchless credentials of the contributors, the editor is confident that this volume will be received as nothing short of a landmark in multi-disciplinary discussion on social justice.

It is destined to also make a considerable impact in charting new directions for future scholarly work on justice.

The sweeping global problem of injustice has resulted in a considerable number of studies; however, there has been little done to examine justice from a multi-disciplinary perspective, and this volume fills that void, particularly as it presents common features of today's problems and discusses global social justice.

While this volume provides discourse by specialists in justice, it will attract a readership beyond academia and will catch the attention of anyone who is interested in justice and who seeks a just world.

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