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2 Фев 2013
Kama Sutra 2 With Bob and Brenda

Автор: Paul Gwilliam

Короткое описание книги

The Kama Sutra book everybody has been waiting for has finally arrived.

Kama Sutra 2 with Bob and Brenda has taken over a year to make it to print.

After the success of Kama Sutra with Bob and Brenda, its author and illustrator Paul Gwilliam, decided to give the main characters a face lift and sent them both to the gym.

Now, Bob and Brenda are back looking fabulous and feeling fit enough to make another gruelling Kama Sutra book.

Kama Sutra 2 with Bob and Brenda will have you in stitches while loving it up between the sheets.

More positions than ever before and a few surprises to keep you entertained and feeling sexy.

&quote;Funniest Kama Sutra book I have ever read&quote; - Man in the pub.

&quote;If this Kama Sutra book was any funnier it would give you haemorrhoids&quote; - Dr.


&quote;#%^$ off !! You #%^$ing idiot !!&quote; - Tourette Barry.

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