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2 Фев 2013
Kill or Cure

Короткое описание книги

Besieged by crime, internal corruption and the threat of revolutionary anarchy, the president created CURE - a government agency which does not exist, and since it does not exist, is not bound by constitutional safeguards.

Its mission is to fight crime.

To safeguard the country the president had specified that not even the president can give CURE orders.

With one exception: he can order it to disband.

Exposure was the one big flaw in the entire operation.

Now exactly that has happened, and only Remo Williams can save it.

Remo is The Destroyer, an ex-cop who should be dead, and is CURE's number one super-weapon.

Trained in the esoteric martial art of Sinanju by his aged mentor, Chiun, Remo is America's last line of defence.

Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.

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