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2 Фев 2013
Kosher Harry

Короткое описание книги

A new play by one of Britain's most talked about young writersGathered in a kosher bar in North London are a foulmouthed cabbie, who can't stop blubbing, an old woman in a wheelchair, who hears only what she chooses to, and the world's worst waitress, wearing nothing but her smalls.

Joining them is a man with no name who takes them on at their own game.

Combining the restraint of Beckett's dialogue with the grotesque world of a Berkoff, Grosso's new play is a sustained black comedy that pushes stereotypes to the absolute limit, and then brings them back to reality again.

Published to tie in with the Royal Court production directed by Kathy Burke (of BBC2's GIMME GIMME GIMME)&quote;A truthful, mordant, sex and gender comedy&quote; Evening Standard (PEACHES); &quote;a brisk, brusque, crisply and cruelly funny play&quote; Sunday Times (SWEETHEART); &quote;this swaggeringly funny and slightly sinister story&quote; Sunday Times (REAL CLASSY AFFAIR)

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