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2 Фев 2013
Lead Yourself First!

Автор: Michelle Ray

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Are you ready to be the leader of your own life? We live in a time of unprecedented economic and social turmoil.

In the face of uncertainty and fear, we look to our jobs for security and to our leaders for inspiration.

We aspire to a prosperous, stable future and strive to remain optimistic, but the stress of simply survivingfinancially, professionally, and emotionallycan seem a relentless struggle.

Consequently, we doubt ourselves and our capacity to be the leaders of our own livesoften opting for the status quobecause staying stuck is easier than creating change.

We overlook this simple truth: If we remain true to ourselves, we can control our own reality.

Lead Yourself First! is filled with engaging stories and advice to help people everywhere live life to the fullest and take the lead in any work or personal challenge.

By applying Michelle Ray's simple, powerful life-changing lessons, you will discover how to influence and improve the quality of all your choices.

Michelle Ray's ';One-Two Punch' approach will inspire you to: Address the fear of success and eliminate the fear of failure; Rise above toxic behavior and situations; Gain new insights into your values about money, opportunity, and success; Discover your dream career or business and live it!

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