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2 Фев 2013
Leading Lights

Автор: Eamon Gilmore

Короткое описание книги

Eamon Gilmore, Leader of the Labour Party has dedicated his life to his family and to politics.

He has served in the Dail for twenty-one years.

However, despite his public profile and national popularity, not much is known about the man behind the leader.

InLeading LightsGilmore discusses the people who moved him to go into politics and influenced the development of his political beliefs.

Interweaving his own personal narrative around the figures who influenced him throughout his formative years and career, the book is an important insight into the man behind the politician.

Gilmore's inspirations range from family and colleagues, his grandmother Ellen Gilmore and Prionsais DeRossa, to internationally influential figures such as Martin Luther King.

There are also some surprises, such as the 'Iron Lady' of British politics, Margaret Thatcher, musician Sean O'Riada and playwright Sean O'Casey spicing up the list.

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