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2 Фев 2013

Короткое описание книги

A professor of Greek rhetoric, frequent letter writer and influential social figure, Libanius (AD 314-393) is a key author for anybody interested in Late Antiquity, ancient rhetoric, ancient epistolography and ancient biography.

Nevertheless, he remains understudied because it is such a daunting task to access his large and only partially translated oeuvre.

This volume, which is the first comprehensive study of Libanius, offers a critical introduction to the man, his texts, their context and reception.

Clear presentations of the orations, progymnasmata, declamations and letters unlock the corpus, and a survey of all available translations is provided.

At the same time, the volume explores new interpretative approaches of the texts from a variety of angles.

Written by a team of established as well as upcoming experts in the field, it substantially reassesses works such as the Autobiography, the Julianic speeches and letters, and Oration 30 For the Temples.

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