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2 Фев 2013
Libyan War 1911-1912

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The war between Italy and the Ottoman Empire for possession of Cyrenaica and Tripolitania was a crucial event both for Italian domestic and foreign policy and for the contemporary European balance of power.

For Italian society the Libyan conflict was in many ways a dress rehearsal for the First World War.

The propaganda campaign for the occupation of Libya, orchestrated around the myth of the &quote;Grande Italia&quote; and the &quote;Grande proletaria&quote; had an important impact on the Italian political system, even more than the military operations, testing its stability and leading to violent debate not only between the parties, but also inside the parties themselves.

The essays brought together in this book illustrate the attitude of the political forces that were the main supporters of the Italian intervention in Libya, and the international context in which the war between Italy and the Ottoman Empire came about.

Using new sources or re-reading the sources already known with the insight gained from the passage of a hundred years, the authors reflect on a conflict that had profound repercussions for Italian and European politics and contributed to ending the Belle Epoque, raising in the minds of both the Italian and European public the specter of a new war in Europe.

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