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2 Фев 2013
Life & Loss

Автор: Mary Crickard

Короткое описание книги

This is a book of remembering, which is as much about motherhood as it is about bereavement.

It is an exploration of the memory bank and an honest and intimate recounting of the many conversations, events and emotions that occurred during the days of my son Shane's funeral.

There is no closer bond in nature than that of the mother and child, and no greater loss than when one is lost to the other.

Shane's untimely death on a Monday morning in July 2008 was a tragedy that ripped and tore mind, heart and soul.

The peaceful existence of daily life was turned upside down as grief and heartbreak washed over us, the mourners.

My whole existence became a survival for a while, until reserves of endurance and patience accumulated in life's experiences surfaced, restoring a soft, peaceful acceptance when I eventually surrendered.

Surrender has lead to an appreciation of life and a gratitude to those that we have loved and lost.

It has also opened my eyes and heart to all that is good in life, especially to the gift of those living all around me, those that I love and still have.

The book is an account of a mother's journey and survival during the funeral of her 20 year old son, Shane.

It is a description of the emotions, the fears and concerns for her son's soul after death, and the trials and comforts offered by sympathizers.

The healing process of grief and bereavement is also addressed.

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