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2 Фев 2013
Life Changing Leadership

Автор: Frank Damazio

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Discover the keys to unlocking success in life and ministry.

Everyone is looking for that edge, the key that will unlock success in life and ministry.

The edge is Christ and he has given us keys that will open doors to divine encounters and strategies leading to successful leadership.

Amply supported by Scripture and lessons from other successful leaders, this book closely outlines what it takes to be a successful leader in a lukewarm, confused, compromising, religious atmosphere.

It defines the functions and responsibilities of leadership teams and offers insight into different leadership styles, as well as the unique temptations and challenges that face a ministry leader.

Leaders will discover how Scriptures establish the necessity of God as the head of church government.

They will learn how to choose qualified leaders and learn practical ways to train them.

Life-Changing Leadership will help strengthen leaders and give them strategies for building and motivating teams by setting and executing team goals that support creativity and faithfulness.

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