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2 Фев 2013
Lifestyle Market Segmentation

Автор: Art Weinstein, Dennis J. Cahill

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The latest marketing guide from expert Dennis Cahillthat teaches how to effectively use lifestyle segmentation for marketing strategiesLifestyle Market Segmentation gives author and marketing expert Dennis Cahill the chance to put his nearly 30 years of marketing and teaching experience to practical useto clearly explain the process of market segmentation and its applications.

This text goes beyond the obvious demographic and/or geographic categories to get at the whys of customer behaviors, carefully reviewing every facet, from theory to the exploration of applications.

Step by step, this easy-to-understand book, written by the author of How Consumers Pick a Hotel: Strategic Segmentation and Target Marketing and other classic marketing books, walks readers through the process, giving real-life examples as illustration as it provides the tools to effectively market by lifestyle segment in today's competitive marketplace.

Market segmentation research examines a broad range of demographic and psychographic information that can provide strategies to target both current and potential markets.

This helpful guide comprehensively reveals how to gather and effectively use this crucial type of research.

Lifestyle Market Segmentation consists of three main parts.

The first part discusses segmentation theory and various methods for segmentation.

The second part explores applications of lifestyle segmentation based on case studies.

The last section focuses on ways to market products and services to the various segments discovered by the applications.

This invaluable text is extensively referenced and includes several tables and figures to clarify concepts and data.

Lifestyle Market Segmentation discusses in detail: the concept of market segmentation criteria for segmentation schemes types of nonlifestyle segmentation geodemographic segmentation psychographics the List of Values (LOV) guidelines for effective use of psychographics lifestyle target segments the Tribes segmentation scheme the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator life-stage segmentation illustrative real-life case studiesLifestyle Market Segmentation is an enlightening resource that is certain to be used again and again, and makes essential reading for managers, educators, and students.

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