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2 Фев 2013
little prince Little Red Riding Hood

Автор: C. Perrault, S. Exupery

Короткое описание книги

The infinite charm of The Little Prince Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale lies guiding the reader gallop in the world of imagination.

Every reader, whether adults or children, will be deeply moved after reading &quote;The Little Prince&quote;.

Because we a pure soul, a kind heart from the little prince of another planet.

He was like a falling star, disappeared quietly.

but his story is been told generation after generation.

The little prince, an inexistence little person who is not exist in our real life, taught us a lot, not only deliberation but diligence and ambitiousness.

The little prince is simplicity, asked, and full of curiosity.

When he could not understand the frame of mind of the flower who loves him, he left their planet sadly, and began searching for other planets.

&quote;The Little Prince&quote; is fun, and full of imagination.

I hope the kids like it.

Though the truth of this story is some esoteric, but philosophical.

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