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2 Фев 2013
Look At Me

Автор: Lauren Porosoff Mitchell

Короткое описание книги

Set in contemporary Washington, D.


, mixing urban edge with magic realism, this lyrical and sexy first novel is also the frank story of the clash between promiscuity and love, and the acceptance of a family legacy.

Look at Me tells the story Dana, whose mother was loving and charismatic, with some of the powers of a witch, and whose father was a super rational scientist.

When her mother dies tragically, and far too young, Dana, as early as twelve-years-old, learns to use sex to grab attention and relieve her loneliness, while leaving it intact afterward.

As an adult, Dana is caught between the different pulls of her parents.

A successful scientist like her father, she still seeks the irrational, nurturing atmosphere her mother created.

As Dana puts it, a man of science wedded to a sorceress&quote;-what kind of daughter indeed can issue from such a mixed heritage?Dana's odyssey is that of a sexual aggressor, of a young woman compelled to prove her ability to attract, again and again.

But after all the faceless men who service her for a night and whom she expels with a well worked-out routine in the morning, she meets two whom she cannot dismiss: Jonas, the married astronomer from San Francisco who is a bit of a conjurer himself; and Iain, a photographer with a cocaine problem and a dangerous lifestyle, but a man of great compassion and tenderness.

&quote;Look at Me is the story of a totally contemporary young woman, at home with the `slut' side of her nature while at war with her own desire for love.

&quote;-from the Foreword by Marge PiercyLauren Porosoff Mitchell received her law degree from George Washington University.

She lives in Washington, D.


, where she is at work on her second novel.

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