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2 Фев 2013
Love's Golden Embrace

Автор: Charlene Leonard

Короткое описание книги

A blacksmith turned reluctant sheriff, a kidnapped woman the prize in a high-stakes poker game, a gold rush in a quiet Georgia town .



greed, larceny, and lust fill the pages of Charlene Leonard's hot and sexy western romance, Love's Golden Embrace.

He only wanted to live in peace.

The life of a simple blacksmith appealed to Luke Campbell.

He didn't intend to be the peacekeeper in the town of Ophir, Georgia.

He already knew a lawman's pay was low, and that the risk of dying at a young age was a real possibility.

He had given up that life years earlier and come home to Georgia.

All went well until gold was discovered and then all greed broke out.

She had been kidnapped and was at the mercy of unmerciful men.

The people in the town of Ophir ignored her plight.

When Susannah Tremaine was choked until she couldn't speak and trussed up like a roped calf, then put up as collateral in a poker game, she was without hope of being rescued.

Until Luke showed up to save her.

A giant of a man at six foot seven, he rescued her from even more than he knew.

Anna found herself drawn to the kind, gentle giant with the heart of gold.

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