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2 Фев 2013
Luna Exposed

Автор: Kristin Leigh

Короткое описание книги

Holding on to secrets and lies is no way to build trust, and without trust, finding love is impossible.

But Luna's not the only one keeping things hidden.



Gabe is a mystery as well.

Can they learn to trust each other outside the bedroom to nurture what is between them? Kristin Leigh pens a poignant tale of starting over in Luna Exposed, Book 1 of her new contemporary romance series, Exposure.


It happens, and it usually ends up being the worst possible scenario every single time.

Suddenly and unexpectedly divorced, alone with two children and the world on her shoulders, Luna is fighting to achieve an independence she's never known before.

Determined that life will not beat her, her first priority is a night out to forget the soured love that has haunted her every waking moment for a decade.

But one night out can change everything, especially when it's with a man like Gabriel O'Malley.

One year after her divorce, Luna's over it.



her marriage, the depression, and the one-night stand that suddenly plops back into her life.

Brought together again by circumstances beyond their control, Luna and Gabe don't bother fighting the attraction that still simmers between them.

But relationships can be complicated, especially those with no clearly defined destination except a somewhat kinky bedroom.

Luna's children and the charade of her marriage are only part of it.

Gabe has a past too.



one that's shrouded in mystery and secrets spanning two continents and three decades.

Luna wants to be able to trust again, to love again, and Gabe is her first choice.

But loving someone means sharing secrets, opening doors that might be best left closed.

If they're going to stand a chance, there can be no more secrets, no more denial.

Someone has to take the leap of faith first.

Someone has to be exposed.

Content Notes: Hot, Light BDSM, Contemporary

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