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2 Фев 2013
Mahjong Spies

Автор: John Trenhaile

Короткое описание книги

The gripping first Cold War thriller in John Trenhaile's series about Simon Young, a young man caught between East and West.

As the handover of Hong Kong to Communist China grows ever closer, the bitter struggle for power in the Far East has already begun.

Soviet forces are determined to undermine Hong Kong's financial stability and to ensure that China inherits nothing but a worthless, empty shell.

Pitted against them are the elite of Chinese Intelligence, the Mahjong Brigade, who plan to sabotage the plot, using as their instrument Simon Young - an influential Hong Kong tai-pan.

A master in the mannered warfare of global finance, Young is a novice in the hostile world of international espionage.

If he is to survive at all he must secure his own allies in this deadly game.

But even his beautiful Chinese wife, Jinny, has secrets to conceal.



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