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2 Фев 2013

Автор: Patsy Hester Daussat

Короткое описание книги

Comedy / 4m, 4f, 1m or f / Interior Set / It's a typical Saturday evening, as Mike and Melanie play games with their best friends, Victor and Paula.

They have been neighbors for years, and each have a son home from college for the summer.

Little does Melanie know that her happy, comfortable world will soon be thrown into turmoil.

Mike has sent a letter to Facing Facts, Melanie and Paula's favorite reality television show.

He believes Melanie, who has gained weight over the years, would be thrilled to have a makeover at Facing Facts' fabulous spa.

After all, she and Paula rave about it.

Unfortunately, every Monday night when Melanie and Paula watch the show, their husbands leave to play baseball.

Poor Mike is clueless about the show's cruel, ratings-hungry hostess, Frances Montgomery, who thrives on humiliating those who are ambushed on the show.

When the Facing Facts crew descends at her door, Melanie endures a disastrous ambush.

Afterward, she cannot understand why Mike would subject her to national humiliation.

Melanie tells him to be out of the house when she returns from the spa.

Mike is hopeful that she will change her mind, but things only get worse the evening Melanie returns.

Frances not only belittles Melanie again, she sets her sights on an oblivious Mike.

Melanie finally explodes, throwing the Facing Facts crew out of her house, along with Mike.

Events in the days that follow bring Melanie to realizations about herself and the important things in life.

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