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2 Фев 2013
Malvern College

Автор: Roy Allen

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&quote;I remember the 25th January very well.

Theonly house finished was McDowall's (No.

1)and about fourteen of us assembled there.

It had snowed all night, and in the morningwas about two feet deep and drifted againstthe bank in places five and six feet.

We cutour way up with improvised shovels andfinally got to the Coll.

where we found twoboys who were in lodgings with Mr.

Drew,and about ten day boys.

We were roughlyexamined and classed and were then given ahalf holiday, which I spent with a few more,wallowing in the snow.

&quote;So the story of Malvern College began in 1865with twenty-four boys, a headmaster and sixassistant masters attempting to create a newschool in one of &quote;the fairest parts of England.

&quote;This new College history traces how that infantschool has matured into one of the country'sleading independent schools, welcomingstudents from across the world to enjoy amodern education in historical and beautifulsurroundings.

The first half of the book is achronological survey showing how the schooldeveloped its own style and character and howits fortunes mirrored the drama of our nation'shistory.

The remainder of the book explores aseries of themes charting how the educationalvision of the founders has evolved in teachingand learning, the arts and sport, and in religious,charitable and military service.

Attention is paidto the changing social structure of the school andhow it has embraced new visions of leadership,coeducation, and the challenge of preservinginherited virtues and the essence of an Englishboarding school while preparing pupils for aglobalised world.

Memories of life in the school,features on masters and pupils, the achievementof Old Malvernains and remarkable illustrationscombine to make this a fitting celebration of aunique school.

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