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2 Фев 2013
Managing Church Building Projects

Автор: Author

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For25 years I have been involved in extensive infrastructural projects for churches as a volunteer project manager.

These were multi-million-dollar projects that delivered the wealth of experience set down in this book.

They have opened my eyes to project strategies that work, and those that do not work.

The book is a vital tool for church operators and organizational leaders alike.

Church and communal projects do not only pose engineering challenges, but are predominantly a hearts-and-minds issue.

The book covers how a church project should be conceived, planned, and executed.

It thrashes out issues such as the part-time status of building committee members, the use of uncompleted facilities in concurrent operations, contractor selection, managing stakeholder expectations, and the technical and spiritual qualifications of project officials.

It outlines viable options for funding church projects and strategies for preserving church infrastructural investments.

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