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2 Фев 2013
Masterpieces of Mystery

Автор: Anna Katharine Green

Короткое описание книги

Stories of murder and mayhem from the first lady of American mysteryMasterpieces of Mystery is a scintillating collection of suspenseful tales from pioneering author Anna Katharine Green, one of the first female writers of detective fiction.

Tantalizingly tangled plots and unpredictable revelations abound: A young housewife left home alone on Christmas Eve worries about the threat of robbery when a stranger knocks at her door; a daughter checks in to Three Forks Tavern with her mother, only to awaken to find her mother missing and declared dead in the nearby woods; a valuable jewel is stolen at a society ball filled with duplicitous debutantes and dashing gentlemen; and a specter that haunts the apartment of a husband and wife, which may be a good spirit or a harbinger of doom.

This collection includes the classic stories ';Room No.

3,' ';The Staircase at Heart's Delight,' ';The Grey Lady,' ';The House in the Mist,' and more.

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