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2 Фев 2013
Maxwell's Point

Короткое описание книги

With girlfriend DS Jacquie Carpenter back at work and little baby Nolan rapidly growing into a feisty toddler, Peter 'Mad Max' Maxwell, Head of Sixth Form at Leighford High, decides to hire an au pair.

The exotic Juanita Reyes seems the perfect choice.

But one afternoon the lovely Juanita disappears into thin air, and two ramblers are surprised - and not a little disturbed - when their dog digs up a body on Dead Man's Point, the lonely cliff top rising high over the sea.

No stranger to murder inquiries, Mad Max soon sets about sniffing out the killer.

But with a missing au pair, a creepy gardener, troublesome teenagers and reports of a randy rambler to investigate - not to mention a young baby to look after - has Max taken on more than he can handle this time? Another hilarious outing for the super sleuth Head of Sixth Form; you'd have to be a fool to miss Maxwell's Point.

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