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2 Фев 2013
Media Studies

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Bringing together a range of renowned scholars in the field, this book examines eighteen key issues within contemporary media studies.

Written in an accessible student-friendly style, Media Studies - Key Issues and Debates is an authoritative landmark text for undergraduate students.

Each individual chapter begins with a concise definition of the concept(s) under investigation.

This is followed by a 5,000 word discussion on the current state of play within research on the specific area.

Chapters contain case-studies and illustrative materials from Europe, North America, Australasia and beyond.

Each chapter concludes with annotated notes, which guide the student-reader in terms of future study.

With a preface by Denis McQuail, contributors includeJanet McCabe, John Corner, David Croteau, William Hoynes, Natalie Fenton, Jenny Kitzinger, Jeroen de Kloet, Liesbet van Zoonen, Sonia Livingstone and Greg Philo.

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