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2 Фев 2013
Mediation of Poverty

Автор: Joanna Redden

Короткое описание книги

The Mediation of Poverty: The News, New Media and Politics discusses the influence of the increasing use of digital technologies on media and political responses to poverty in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Poverty politics are considered at symbolic and structural levels.

Through a frame analysis of mainstream and alternative news content, the book identifies which narratives dominate poverty coverage, what is missing from mainstream news coverage, and what can be learned by looking at alternative sources of news and information.

The Mediation of Poverty argues that news coverage privileges and embeds neoliberal approaches to the issue of poverty in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Interviews with journalists, politicians, researchers, and activists enable discussion, on a micro level, of the changing nature of news, politics, and activism, and how these changes are influencing poverty politics.

The book raises concerns about how the speed of digitally-mediated working environments is reshapingeven foreclosingopportunities for communication, reflection, and contestation in a way that reinforces the dominance of market-based thinking, and limits political responses to poverty.

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