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2 Фев 2013
Meditation (Collins Gem)

Автор: Collins

Короткое описание книги

This clear introduction to meditation shows how it can enhance your life.

There are clear step-by-step instructions to different meditation techniques and practical tips on how to focus the mind and increase energy and concentration levels.

There are a range of meditation and relaxation techniques.

Collins Gem Meditation is a practical guide to understanding and using these techniques.

With the practical instructions you will be able to try out simple ways of relaxing and find out which approaches work best for you.

There is no one single correct way and the direct approach of this book enables you to tailor your requirements to your needs and situation.

The exercises in this book are intended for relaxation and increasing self-awareness.

Those new to meditation should be reassured that there is no need to feel anxious for any reason.

You are not going anywhere, other than inward for greater self-awareness and peace of mind.

During this journey you are always in control.

You are not dabbling in the occult, or communicating with spirits.

The only spirit you are communicating with is your own Higher Self, which is the loving, compassionate, all-knowing source and centre of your being.

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