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2 Фев 2013
Meet Me in Monte Carlo

Автор: Denise Robins

Короткое описание книги

The boulevards of Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo - perhaps in their glamourSylvia could forget Johnny.



forget that he no longer wanted to marryher.

But Sylvia didn't know when she left London that she was about tobe plunged into a ring of jewel thieves, that handsome, romantic Henriwas a criminal mastermind, and that Johnny would turn up in Dijon withLucille, who was very stunning and very French.

At the centre of the intrigue were stolen emeralds worth half a milliondollars.

And when those emeralds surfaced in her handbag, Sylvia beganthe most dangerous adventure of her life - an adventure that would perishall her doubts about Johnny's love.

A captivating love story from the 100-million-copy bestselling Queen ofRomance, first published in 1954, and available now for the first timein eBook.

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