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2 Фев 2013
Miller Plays: 4

Автор: Arthur Miller

Короткое описание книги

Fourth volume of plays in the reissued Arthur Miller CollectionArthur Miller's two early plays, The Golden Years, an historical tragedy about Montezuma's destruction at the hands of Cortez, and The Man Who Had All the Luck, a fable about human freedom and individual responsibility, are brought together in this volume together with two of his contemporary shorter plays, I Can't Remember Anything and Clara, first presented on a double bill as Danger! Memory.

The latter focus on the importance and dangers of remembering the past, while the early plays, written at the time of the Second World War, mark the emergence of a drama in which public issues are rooted in private anxieties and chart the beginning of Miller's career that has been one of the most distinguished in dramatic history.

Miller writes an Introduction to this volume.

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