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2 Фев 2013

Короткое описание книги

In Misty we offer for your enjoyment a second collection of short stories by novelist S G Miles.

Best known for his popular historical novels set on Britain's canals (published over his pen-name of Geoffrey Lewis), Mr Miles has only in recent years discovered the art of the short story, and would appear to be enjoying himself in this new art-form.

There is again a theme common to all eight of these tales - each in its own way touches on the paranormal, exploring happenings that defeat logical explanation: Some are almost classical ghost stories, but others stray into the territory of religion or mythology.

It will also come as no surprise to his many readers that four of the eight are set on the canals! And as ever he demonstrates his ability to conjure up characters who, even in the space of a few short pages, engage us with their lives and their fortunes so that we truly care about what happens to them:Misty: A little girl's encounter by a misty canalsideRailwayman: A desperate woman sets out to commit suicideRescued: A boating holiday and an accidental slipCollision: A road accident with tragic consequencesBlisworth Tunnel: A late-night passage under Blisworth HillTrade-off: A teenager's miraculous recovery from cancerChoirboy: An encounter in church reunites a familyStarlight Reflection: Harry Turner from the popular novel Starlight reflects upon his life Over the years reviewers have been unanimous about Mr Miles' ability to tease the emotions of his readers; once again, we defy you reach the end of this book without having dampened your handkerchief!

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