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2 Фев 2013
Moonlight on Water

Автор: Jo Ann Ferguson

Короткое описание книги

A woman must choose between the life she has known and the charismatic stranger who offers her a world beyond her utopian community in the second novel in Jo Ann Ferguson's passionate and poignant Haven Trilogy River's Haven, Indiana, governs its inhabitants by rigidly imposed laws, including some highly unusual ones about marriage and family.

Defying the townand its all-powerful Assembly of EldersRachel Browning takes in orphaned Katherine Mulligan to raise as her own.

But now Rachel's overprotective brother is pressuring the single mother to marry.

Rachel's ideal husband certainly isn't the brash, seductive stranger she meets when Katherine runs away.

Wyatt Colton's life is like the ever-changing river.

The restless rover can't imagine putting down roots in one place, especially not this backwater burg with its tyrannical rules and regulations.

He'll stay in River's Haven just long enough to repair his run-aground steamboat.

But what's he going to do about the adorable red-haired urchin he finds stowed on his boat? Or her alluring adoptive mother? As taboo desire flames into an affair that sets the people of River's Haven dangerously against Wyatt and Rachel, a man who swore never to give his heart will risk everything for a love that could be the safest haven of all.

Moonlight on Water is the 2nd book in the Haven Trilogy, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

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