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2 Фев 2013
Mosley Street Melodramas (Volume Iv)

Короткое описание книги

Various m and f roles / Melodrama / Simple set / The fourth and final volume of our popular melodramas series includes four new works from Tom Frye: FAST FOOD FRENZY - 3m, 3f, 1 non-gender dog / 1 Exterior & 3 Interior -The restaurant business is booming for the Frye family of Rose Hill, Kansas.

There's only one problem - well, maybe more than one - the neighbor is crazy and the dog talks! This wacky famly is facing a treacherous villain, Mr.

Sour Kraut, who wants the mortgage, but even more, he wants their beautiful daughter Lendy.

Who will save the day? It seems the answer lies in the hands, er paws of Trixie the dog.

Hope he's not barking up the wrong tree.

/ LITTLE SCHOOL HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE - 3m, 3f, 1 non-gender / 1 Interior & Exterior - Things can't get much screwier than this tale of woe! The hero is more like a heroine and vice versa.

Our female villain is also masquerading as.



well a villain.

The children run wild, the teacher runs for his life and school superintendent runs everyone crazy, and everyone is bored of education.

A real gender bender that's not so tender set in Wachita, Kansas.

/ WHERE'S THE GOLD? - 6m, 2f, 1 non-gender / 2 Interior - Alaska is known for gold and adventure - well, our story has more adventure than you can shake a prospector at! A bartender named Sam de Milo with no arms, a branded woman, a Canadian Mountie, a drunken housekeeper and a villain who has a heart as cold as an Eskimo's igloo.

This story has an ending with more turns than.



two pretzels playing twister.

/ OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM - 4m, 3f, 1 non-gender / 2 Interior & 2 Exterior - When one of America's last farms is in danger of being taken over by a large poultry processing company, our hero, John Deere, is taken in under the spell of a company vamp named Holotta Trouble.

This farm epic pits the little farmer against Chick Liesome, owner of Liesome products and it gives new meaning to Farm Aid.

Set in Independence, Kansas, the fireworks never stop in this bang-up comedy of farm follies.

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