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2 Фев 2013
Murder at Maddingley Grange

Автор: Caroline Graham

Короткое описание книги

A very funny non-series mystery from the author of the ';Midsomer Murders' series.

Simon Hannaford is in need of some fast money, and murder seems the obvious solution.

Specifically, a 1930s Murder Mystery Weekend, to be held at Madingley Grange, his aunt's superbly hideous gothic mansion.

Simon and his sister are meant to be house-sitting, but surely Aunt Maude would not begrudge them the chance to earn a few nearly honest shekels.

Simon's grand plans quickly go awry, beginning with the guestseach one dottier than the lastand moving on to the staff, hired on the cheap and with larcenous plans of their own.

And when an actual body turns up, deprived of actual life, Simon's charade of detection is suddenly forced to begin in earnest.

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