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2 Фев 2013
My First Book On Spiders

Автор: Virinia Downham

Короткое описание книги

Parents please be aware that this book has 21 amazing photographs of spiders and words that are aimed at early/beginner readers.

My name is Virinia Downham and I am a qualified Librarian.

I am also the mother of two children and my dearest wish is that every child will learn the magic of being able to read.

I have created an easy first reader to read with your child.

I hope that you will encourage your child to read along with you as this will reinforce the words that they see.

It takes roughly 7 times for a child to see a word and recognize it so please parents read this book with your child at least that many times.

I hope you enjoy looking at 21 beautiful but sometimes creepy spider pictures and that both you and your child will spend lots of quality time reading My First Book On Spiders together.

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